Direct Fired Heater & Waste Heat Recovery Unit Products

Designed to work for you! Domestic or foreign, large trains to packaged units, all optimized to meet your needs!

Experience, Expertise, Innovation

OPF has been a leader in direct-fired, process heater applications since 1972, giving us the experience and expertise to handle any size project, anywhere in the world. We believe that innovation is as important as our experience, and with the two combined, we can offer you the highest quality product and the best return on your investment.


Our goal is to offer you the best solution to your process heating needs, and our array of products and services are the tools we use.

Fired Heaters

The fired heater is perhaps the most important component of a hydrocarbon processing plant. OPF supplies a wide range of optimized process heaters, from simple regeneration...

Emissions Control Systems

We offer a wide range of pre- and post-combustion options for controlling system emissions, including Ultra-Low NOx burners, Flue Gas Recirculation Units and Selective Catalytic ...

Air Preheat Units

One of the most effective ways to improve a heater's efficiency and productivity is to preheat the combustion air going to the burners. We have designed and...

Replacement Parts

We can quickly source and fabricate quality replacement parts for your fired heater and other process heating equipment. We've been designing, upgrading and fixing these...

Waste Heat Recovery Units

A Waste Heat Recovery Unit increases your system efficiency and reduces emissions by capturing the energy in your waste heat to and putting it back to work for you. We can determine your...

Spare Parts

OPF can provide nearly any replacement part required for your heater needs

our services

We combine our in-depth knowledge and vast experience with the various systems, equipment and technologies involved in the hydrocarbon industry to engineer a custom heating system that fits your unique application requirements.

Revamps & Upgrades

Even small improvements to a heater’s performance and efficiency can save thousands of dollars. We can upgrade, modify, or repair your heater to increase capacity and thermal efficiency, reduce emissions, extend working life, minimize shutdown periods and decrease your…

Field Service

OPF can provide complete field consulting services for erection, start-up, commissioning, and troubleshooting. We understand what a failing or broken heating system can cost, and we can help to ensure that your system is operating at optimum efficiency with maximum up-time…

Project Management

From your initial consultation, our experienced project managers will ensure your system design, planning and scheduling, material requisition, fabrication and installation are coordinated efficiently and meet contract specifications and delivery requirements. You will receive frequent…


One Company, Everything You Need

Our goal at OPF is to be the only resource you need for direct-fired process furnace applications and waste heat recovery systems. From complete new system design, to replacement parts and field service, to instrumentation and controls, OPF is your complete equipment supplier.

Past Projects and Clients

One of many Waste Heat Recovery Units supplied with all ductwork, diverter valve, and auxiliary firing system. The unit is located in Texas and has a duty of 104.4 MM Btu/hr.
Atmospheric Crude Heater being erected in Wyoming.
These two 67.5 MM Btu/hr units were supplied complete with instrumentation and control system. The heaters were designed for off-shore platform service in Nigeria.