OPF History

Optimized Process Furnaces, Inc. (OPF) was established in 1972 by Jack Phillips and John Miller. Both founders had acquired substantial background in the design and manufacture of fired heaters with Alcorn Combustion and Econo-Therm Corporations. As a result of Mr. Miller’s process experience and Mr. Phillips’ mechanical experience, they received their first major project, two 53 mm Btu/hr Debutanizer Reboilers, during that year.

Opportunity from Necessity

Due to the oil embargoes and rising fuel prices of the early 1970’s, it became apparent that increased efficiency of fired heaters, both new and in-service, was necessary. This necessity provided OPF the opportunity to do what it does best: “OPTIMIZE” designs. The company is now the leading supplier of modern air preheat systems and provides units with 94 percent or higher efficiencies. OPF is also one of the first heater manufacturers in North America to install cast tube and, later, plate-type heat recovery equipment in its air preheat systems.

In the mid 1970’s, the use of heat recovered from turbine exhaust became an important money-saving process. Waste heat recovery units have been part of the OPF history since 1973 and have been installed on all types of turbines. In addition, the company supplies back-up firing and complete instrumentation systems for waste heat recovery units.

Continuing Industry Leadership

Through the years, OPF has remained a leader on API committees, assuring that the systems designed by OPF are on the cutting edge of technology. OPF continually researches industry advancements and brings the latest in the design and manufacturing of process furnace equipment to you.